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TODAY ONLY – FREE Lonely Planet guides on iPhone

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 | freebies, student, travel with No Comments »

I wish I had found this earlier to give you guys a better heads up.. anyway, for those who read this in time, Lonely Planet the travel information company are giving away copies of their guides on the iPhone. These are completely free until, er, TODAY! So grab yours as soon as possible.. they usually cost £9.50 each and there are 13 guides available:


So grab them now from the Apple Appstore!!!

Virgin Double Miles

Thursday, June 11th, 2009 | travel with No Comments »

If you have a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club membership, you can earn more points, through their online shopping experience. These are the double miles offers:

ITunes: 6 miles/£1

Interflora: 16 miles/£1
Boden: 8 miles/£1

Ebay: 4 miles/£1

Charles Tyrwhitt: 16 miles/£1

Debehams: 8 miles/£1 2 miles/£1

Comet: 4 miles/£1

I want one of 20 miles/£1

Waterstones: 12 miles/£1

Apple Store: 3 miles/£1

Currys: 4 miles/£1

Best Place to find Cheap Flights

Monday, March 16th, 2009 | travel with No Comments »

Low cost budget airlines have been massive in the past few years… there are so many deals and it’s great that the prices are so cheap. However, with bargains, they don’t hang around for long.. you frequently read about some fantastic deals only to find that the limited £1 tickets are gone by the time you book.. the question is, how do you keep track of the deals that all these low cost budget airlines advertise?

Well, look no further, visit:

Money Saving for Travel

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 | travel with No Comments »

Here is a list of some ideas to save money if you’re doing some travelling.. perfect for those looking to save some money or on a Gap year!

Dont bother with Easy Jet’s speedy boarding, not worth the money they charge.

Before buying your flights, check that there isnt cheaper alternative on

Dont walk in to a hotel, always try to phone in to book first and ask for discounts as a student or group or for the number of rooms you are booking.

Look for backpacker hotels, they are quite clean and can sometimes be found in central and cool locations.

Look for a local guide. Go to who hooks you up with volunteer guide.

Look out for the free copy of the local listing magazine or newspaper which has promotions and deals on going out and restaurants, and museums.

Check charter flights on or or for cheap charter flights that need to sell tickets on empty flights.

Cheapest way to cross channel is through SeaFrance.

Fill up petrol in England rather than when you cross to France because the euro rates makes it more worth to fill up here.

Make your lunch at the breakfast buffet. Use the eggs, bread, bacon, etc.

The Louvre is free on the 1st sunday of the month.

You can work your passage on a yacht. Many private owners need extra hands. You only need to pay for food. Look at or or

Local travel cards can be very helpful such as the New York Metro Card £18 for 7 days. Website is