First of all, thanks for popping by! If you’re a current University student or a soon-to-be student or just plain nosy, I hope that you’ll find this website useful to you.

I graduated many years ago (1998 to be precise) and life was tough then as a student financially despite me getting a grant and my course fees paid. There were a lot of things which I wish I knew then to help me along but with no guidance, I fumbled along. I got by but being in debt can be quite depressing and limit your potential.

The University years were the best years of my life and I still look at students and think of the crazy things which I got upto. This blog is my way to give something back to the students of today through financial education, student deals, freebies and financial tricks which can help you along. If I see any vouchers for any discounts, then I’ll put them up also.

I really believe in the education system I firmly believe it’s the future, it’s important to educate those who are the future. Unfortunately the students of today are finding it more and more difficult financially and most graduate with about £30,000 of debt on their hands!

Drop me a note, let me know what interests you or just say HI!

Good luck and I hope you find this site useful

Alan :)