Where to buy cheap Apple products (MacBooks, iPhones, iPads etc)

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apple products 2013

Apple have been really clever in the way that they have controlled the pricing of their products.. they are consistently high and seen as a premium product.. as a result, they make massive profits and sit right at the top of the most valuable brands in the world.

This article talks about where you can buy genuine Apple products for less than the fixed Apple prices.

1. Apple Store

Yes, the Apple Store is the first place to visit. The Apple shop have a refurbished section where you can buy the products which were returned. Sometimes customers bring in relatively unused Apple products because they got the wrong machine or simply didn’t like it.. however, Apple can’t sell these as new anymore so they go under the refurbished badge and are sold. Depending on it’s condition and age, you can get some pretty decent discounts and best of all, Apple include a 1 year warranty on all products which are sold this way.

The link to the UK refurbished Apple online store is http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/specialdeals/mac and the US one is http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals. I believe all countries which sell Apple products have their own site to refurbished Apple products

2. Computer Exchange (CEX)

Computer Exchange or CEX was founded in the UK but has just under 300 stores worldwide now.  Besides the UK, it has stores in US, Spain, Ireland, India and Australia. CEX buy/sell and exchange all sorts of computer equipment including the full range of Apple products. CEX also offer a 12 month warranty on all their products. You can either visit their online stores (www.cex.co.uk) or find them in your high street.

I’m sure there are many other stores on the high street or even your local one but CEX is well established so it’s reputable.

3. Ebay

The world’s flea market has all sorts of stuff and Apple products are plenty. Just make sure you read carefully what you’re getting. People on Ebay tend to be quite honest in their assessment of the product.. there maybe scratches and other cuffs, the iPhone maybe working but there’s a cracked screen or simply the phone doesn’t work as it’s been dropped.

If you’re an enthusiast, you maybe able to replace a working iPhone with a cracked screen but just make sure you read the details very carefully.

Also, do check that the seller is reputable by seeing the number of positive reviews against their name. I personally don’t like to buy from people with fewer than 5 reviews.

4. Personal Ads (Gumtree, Craigslist)

You can get the best priced products from personal ad websites such as Gumtree or Craigslist. You have to be super careful when buying from these sources but this is also where you will get the best deals. Generally, there’s no warranty and everything is sold as seen so check thoroughly that everything works as there’s no going back once your cash has been handed over!

Cheap Gigs and Events happening tonight in London! YPlan App review!

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I recently found a great app for those in London, UK called Yplan – billed as tonights going out app. If you sometimes baulk at the cost of some of the events in London then you’ll love this. They basically list the events which still have remaining spaces for tonights show and sell them for dirt cheap! It’s better to have paying customers (even if they pay £5 rather than £50) than empty seats.

The app is only currently for London shows/events and gigs and last night we went to watch the London Philamonic Orchestra for £12 each rather than the list price £39! We got really good seats too!

Right now, as they are a start up, you can get £7 free credit as a promotional offer  if you download the app from http://www.yplanapp.com/app and use the code ALEE3

Have fun!


Free Samsung Galaxy Tab2

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Amazon UK deal have a deal where you get a Free Samsung Galaxy Tab2 if you buy their Samsung NX20 camera. The tablet computer is worth £200 so it’s a great deal!

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Save upto 93% on Magazine subscriptions (UK based)

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Get a bargain on select magazines in the UK. You can get 3 trial magazines for £3 across a huge range as below.

To get access to these, just visit the link here: Get Cheap Magazines Direct from Publisher

How to permanently get more than 90% off Amazon UK

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Amazon is a fantastic site and the number 1 shopping portal for those buying over the Internet. Amazon do all sorts of promotions but did you know that you can always get it to display the products which are discounted >90% off the retail price? You can manipulate the links if you know how but I’ve gone and done it all for you so you can just click and go to the list of products which are dirt cheap, grab yourself a bargain!

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